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sovereign cell



Growing up near endless sea in sunny South Wales, now residing in South London, Stokeley's Elliot Nicklin meditates on the polarising balancing act of our modern surroundings.

His diverse production styles encompass a broad personal taste, transcending notions of era and genre.

Thriving on juxtaposition and conjuring conflicting imagery of broad hues, he's a songwriter commentating on the despondency of modern male youth through a queer lens.

Pictures from the Sky [2013]
Acid Housewife [2014]
Father [2014]
Sovereign Cell [2016]



Sovereign Cell

by Stokeley

This is the debut album by South London-based Stokeley. 18 months in the making, it builds on the ambient synthesis, songwriter cues and lucid production ethic that he's established over 2(.5) acclaimed EPs.